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Worthing Leisure Centre

Projects at our home – made possible with thanks to South Downs Leisure – are developing along with our volunteers.  As well as being the home of Sussex Chilli Farm, we tend the cafe and Shaftesbury Room patio gardens and other greenspaces around the site.

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Volunteers building carpentry projects at Worthing Leisure Centre

Volunteers building our first chilli product display stand at Worthing Leisure Centre.


Our projects are as diverse as the volunteers that make them possible and most of our projects take place at Worthing Leisure Centre.  This year our mixed over 50s group have created a raised keyhole bed to enable bend-free waist-height gardening.  Worthing Leisure Centre is also home to Sussex Chilli Farm – our first big project which grows 1000s of chilli plants a year.

This year we will be creating 2 permaculture hedgerows to encourage wildlife as well as becoming a source of fruit, nuts and materials like bean poles and stakes for use around the garden.

Over winter this year we plan to replace our 3 small poly tunnels which were lost to high winds and vandalism.  A second permaculture hedge is being planted to provide a barrier to wind and people and we will launch a fundraiser to pay for the tunnels (already at £200 thanks to Pixel by Pixel who have also donated our website and graphic design)!

We are currently building wormeries to turn cafe food waste into valuable vermicompost and we have visions of largescale rainwater harvesting (1 acre).

The project options are endless on such a great site – and we are on major bus links and right next to Durrington-on-Sea railway station, so incredibly accessible.


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