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Sustainable Sussex provides meaningful real-work experience, education and employment to people who find access to the workplace difficult, including those with learning disabilities and other needs.  Our projects reduce isolation and encourage interaction with a varied section of society.

Based at Worthing Leisure centre and Sompting Estate we carry out gardening, growing, DIY and other sustainable tasks.  We work with our founding partner, South Downs Leisure to look after grounds and to improve their systems to increase positive environmental impact.  Our partnership with Sompting Estate is allowing us to grow our projects and work to deliver wider benefits to more of society.

Our projects began in January 2015 and have so far been operating thanks to donations from individuals and businesses and a few small grants for equipment.  We have no core funding, so our income from sales goes back to supporting the projects.

Our sessions are people focussed – more than work or task focussed – so things get done slowly while participants gain confidence and ownership of the project, learning skills at their own pace.


We are helping to create a sustainable, inclusive and resilient Sussex, by building strong links in our communities.

We envision wholesome, cooperative and sustainable lifestyles – where the definition of business and community are blurred, where sustainability is standard practice and where every person is valued and has a feeling of ownership.


Keith Colin in garden with trug of salads

Keith Colin

Founder, Project Leader

Keith founded Sustainable Sussex after having difficulties accessing the workplace due to chronic pain and stress related illness after serving in the Royal Air Force as a photographer.  Having spent many years volunteering for TCV, he decided that he could use his experience to help others in similar situations.

Now working full-time on Sustainable Sussex projects, Keith shares his experience of working with chronic health problems with volunteers who can benefit from what he has learnt about intention and mindfulness practice on his perception of pain.

Keith is vice chair of Adur and Worthing Greenspace Partnership, a project which supports local groups to share knowledge, experience, training, resources, networking and co-working opportunities.

Keith is passionate about permaculture – designing systems where each element supports others and has a multitude of functions.

Keith’s hobbies include building lasers projectors and putting on laser shows, meditation, reading and camping.

Pauline Cory

Pauline Cory is a director of Transition Town Worthing CIC – driving public awareness, education and skills sharing around the joint challenges of peak oil and climate change.

Pauline is a retired shamanic homeopath and healer and now focusses her attention on ‘Heart and Soul’.

Pauline lives in the UK and France.

Gerard Cronin MBA

Gerard’s skills and knowledge gained through his MBA and as business manager of a GP surgery has been invaluable to Sustainable Sussex.  Gerard has previously managed and delivered large scale projects in the UK and EU in the NHS and whilst business development manager for the University of Sussex.

Mike Tristram

Mike Tristram is the managing trustee of Sompting Estate, in the Heart of the South Downs and owned by the Crofts/Tristram family for 250 years.

Mike is the Chair of Sussex Traditions, a charity who’s purpose is “the advancement of the arts, culture and heritage and of education, to collect, conserve and make accessible, and to promote and support the understanding, enjoyment and continuation of, Sussex traditions”.

Mike is proprietor of the Tristram Plants group and Chair of Farplants, a co-operative supplying garden centres across the UK and growing over 11 million plants a year.



Liane Webb

Liane Webb founded The Sustainable Mind as a Sustainable Sussex project in 2016 having followed a career in forensic mental health in the criminal justice system.  After gaining a greater understanding of the human condition, Liane studied to become a mindfulness teacher, learning from teachers such as Tara Brach, Jock Cornfield and Rick Hanson.

With mindfulness now at the forefront of neuroscience, Liane is taking her understanding of the subject deeper whilst simultaneously bringing it to some of the most vulnerable people in our society.

Liane’s hobbies include meditation, yoga, reading, learning a variety of musical instruments and spending time in nature.


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