The Community House

Sustainable Sussex works closely with The Community House – a Big Lottery funded project run by Worthing Homes.  Our gardening and DIY projects are inclusive and for adults and children from deprived backgrounds or with individual needs.

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Youngster sawing timber for carpentry project

Sawing timber for one of our many carpentry projects in the garden at The Community House.

Building confidence through fun, practical and educational activities.

Keith Colin attends The Community House on Wednesdays.  He work with pre-school groups, working age unemployed or people claiming health benefits and having difficulties accessing the workplace as well as retired or anyone else who wants to get involved.  We grow food crops that are used in the many cooking projects at the house, carry out garden maintenance and DIY work and learn about composting and the environment.

We sell our plants and produce at the the Worthing Homes Summer Fun Day and the children often help with sowing and potting on chilli seedlings for Sussex Chilli Farm.

As well as our more formal sessions – anyone can drop in on a Wednesday to help in the garden.  Once we’ve gone through our health and safety stuff – you can pop in any time to potter around the garden.


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